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Fruit and Granola

Welcome to Brodega Markets

Welcome to Brodega Markets. Discover a wide range of dozens of products available at your finger tips. From snacks to beverages, we've got you covered. Give your employees a quick and convenient shopping experience.



Introducing our Innovative Micro Market service, a dynamic, and modern, retail experience. Discover a curated selection of fresh snacks, beverages, and other items at your fingertips. Enjoy the ease of self-service shopping, empowering you to personalize your break time refreshments like never before.

Office Pantry Service

Discover our office pantry service, designed to keep your workspace well-stocked and energized. Choose from a diverse array of snacks, beverages, and essential supplies for a seamless and satisfying office experience. Elevate your team's productivity and satisfaction with our diverse selection. 

Office Coffee Service

Introducing our office coffee service - a tailored solution for caffeinating your workplace. Experience the finest blends and brewing methods that cater to every taste. Elevate team morale and productivity with a daily dose of exceptional coffee.


Coffee and Desserts

Employee Satisfaction

We strive to deliver a quality customer experience that is sure to make you happy. By offering a wide selection of customizable food offerings, we can enhance your workspace to make it appear more modern and innovative.

Healthy Food

Customizable Selection

We offer a product selection that is 100% customizable. We like to sit down with each of our customers and ask them what products they would like us to offer in their work environment. We can also change our products at any time.  

Person checking their laptop


We understand that employee breaks are valuable and every minute matters. We offer a way to grab a quick bite to eat without having to travel to an offsite location and waste precious time.

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