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Grocery Shopping

Micro Market Service

A convenient shopping experience right in your workspace. Explore a curated selection of snacks, beverages, and quick bites at your fingertips. Enjoy quick and easy access to tasty foods and everyday essentials, enhancing your workplace satisfaction.

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Features of a Micro Market

Functionality You Will Love



Micro markets provide easy access to a variety of snack, beverages, and convenience items for employees or customers without the need for a traditional convenience store or vending machine.


Expanded Product Selection

Micro markets typically offer a wider range of products than traditional vending machines, including fresh foods, healthier snacks, and specialty items, catering to diverse preferences and dietary restrictions


24/7 Access

Many micro markets are open 24/7 to allow employees or customers to shop and grab a snack or dink at any time, making them more convenient than fixed-hour retail outlets.


Employee Satisfaction

Having a micro market can boost employee morale and productivity, as it offers a convenient and diverse selection of refreshments and eliminates the need to lave the office for snacks or meals.

Micro Market Levels

Level 1

1-25 Employees

1 Retail Fridge

1 Shelf

Check-out Kiosk

Level 2

26-100 Employees

2 Fridges 

2 Shelfs

Check-out Kiosk

Level 3

100-200 Employees

3 Fridges

3 Shelves

Check-out Kiosk

Microwave for Hot Food

Level 4

200+ Employees

1 Freezer

3 Fridges

4 Shelves

Check-out Kiosk

2 Microwaves for Hot Foods

Nano Market

Mini retail fridge perfect for small break rooms that features a quick cashless payment option required to open the fridge for quick and easy on-the-go service

*Our Micro Market levels are just an example as to what you could expect when we serve you. All levels are negotiable and customizable

Our Food & Beverage Selections


Snack & Candy Option

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Beverage Options

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Food and Meal Options

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